Hell is Other People

My sister-in-law is a drama queen. She’s one of those people who can’t understand why the world doesn’t stop and cater to her when she’s upset. (She is always upset. The day she stops being upset will be the day she dies.) She and I don’t get along, so I’m usually spared her never-ending theatrics. But me and my big blunt mouth had to make a (true!) statement in passing that set her off. She has been blowing up my phone for two days. It’s interesting to watch someone have a one-way argument all by themselves.

Her foolishness got me thinking about people taking their lives for granted and the duplicity of being bipolar. On the one hand, my head is a swirling jumbled mess of irrational emotions. On the other hand, I’m fairly chill about most life things. Currently I’m looking at the world through a depressed filter, making it a sad, lonely place to be. Yet, when I take a mental step back I have to admit that my life is pretty darn good. I’m sitting in a warm, dry house. In about eight minutes I’ll have gooey brownies fresh from the oven. No one I love has died today. It’s a good day.

It fascinates me that life can feel both awful and okay at the same time. I’m not content, yet I can’t really think of anything else I need/want (apart from a better functioning brain and maybe a job that makes me happy). Something in my head is telling me that I’m dreadfully sad, but my life doesn’t in any way warrant the sadness. I know this is a tidbit we’re all familiar with, but sometimes I’m just stricken by how bizarre the whole thing is.


5 thoughts on “Hell is Other People

  1. Man, has your sister considered counseling? All that self inflicted stress will do the body some damage.

    I also marvel at how moods truly has nothing to do with the heart like the motion pictures will have you believe. Sometimes it doesn’t really have to do with your surroundings. Its that all mighty brain. I have a decent life, needs work but nothing to complain of. Certainly not something I should destroy with mania or self loath in depression. Its all so very interesting our perceptions altered unwillingly by our glitchy brain.

    • She has done some counseling. She’s been on psych meds. Part of it is that she enjoys the drama. Part of it is that she can’t see how much she feeds it. She feels that everyone inflicts things on her and won’t take responsibility for her overreactions. She tends to create her own reality. It’s sad to watch, but also fascinating for someone who’s interested in the inner workings of people.

      • Well, they do say personality issues are harder to treat. Since the person needs to put in effort in changing. I agree with you, interesting stuff. If she was video taped unknowingly and then sat down, shown the tape, do you think she’d realize that she may have been unreasonable?

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