No Treble

Funny story. When I left the store today I started singing (out loud) “All About That Bass” as I walked across the parking lot. When I got to the part that goes “Uh that booty, booty,” I just happened to be stepping out from the side of an SUV and there was a woman bent over with her butt in the air. She didn’t react, but I was mortified. I hope she didn’t hear me and if she did she doesn’t think I was making fun of her. (Note to self: Do not sing about booty in public.)

Speaking of booty, I can’t believe how out of shape mine is. Even though I’m fat, I was still able to walk at a brisk pace for an extended period of time. I could walk up a couple flights of stairs without issue. I was even flexible enough to do yoga. However, slowly over the past year I’ve been moving less and less and sitting more. And, man, is it showing now that I’m getting back into exercising. Walking for twenty minutes straight is uncomfortable and just touching my toes is a serious stretch. I’m trying not to focus on the negative (how did I let this happen?!?) but rather on the positive (I’m going to make this better!) because I am determined to fix this.


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